Customer Reviews

Nana picked up on things right away. Can't wait to meet the new guy that's coming into my life soon, wink! Thank you Nana.
-Lina T.

I met with Nana about 8 months ago. She was really sweet, I loved her energy, and I was fascinated by what she revealed me. Her advice motivated me to make some major changes on my life's path and I feel so much more excited and...alive! Thank you Nana for sharing your gift and for your wonderful words of wisdom.
-Alyssa A.

Was introduced to Nana through a friend, ended up getting a reading not expecting anything out of it - afterwards I felt refreshed and re-energized and ready to take on the world. Whatever she did it worked for me and I would highly recommend her to all out there who are open to this kind of stuff!
-Dale S.

I was going through a very difficult time in my life where it seemed nothing I did would work. The opportunities at work kept passing me by, the love of my life was acting and treating me terribly, whereas he use to be a very giving and understanding person. I felt so depressed and unfulfilled with everything around me. I saw Nana's advertisement and after looking for a while, hers was the first one that made me feel comfortable so I called, made an appointment, and went. Within the first few moments and the first few words she stated, I felt as if she knew me my whole life. She told me things I never spoke about out loud to anyone. She also spoke with me with such care and understanding. She proceeded to advise me of things from my past that made me convinced she had a extremely strong gift and ability as a psychic, and I knew with her guidance she would be able to advise me to release blocks I was carrying for many years and was not even aware of. She helped me to discover, retrieve, and release my issues to the point where now I'm the owner of my own very successful party planning business. I'm in an extremely loving and understanding and happy marriage, and my out look in life is so peaceful and happy. I know I can live my life to it's full potential and it's all due to the true gift Nana carries and provided to me.
-Tricia F.

With her advise she told me thinks to do in my house to protect my home from the other woman. Nana was so precise in her advise that I feel my husband loves me more now that when we first got married.
-Mischa M.

I truly appreciated your quick prediction as well... that you DO see us reuniting, and we will "just know that it is right." This meant the world to me! And after a few weeks everything happened as you predicted. You are awesome.
-Natasha L.