Palm Reading: $25

Palmistry is a technique used all over the world, with its roots in Indian astrology. There are four different types of shapes that reveal distinct information about each individual; Earth hands, Air hands, Water hands & Fire hands. Each one of these different shapes tells the details of the persons traits and abilities as well as their weaknesses and strengths. A palm reading can be very insightful into who you are and which path in life suits you best.

Tarot Card Reading: $35

The Major Arcana Tarot Cards are the foundation of the tarot deck that represents a path of spiritual self awareness and pin points certain stages of your life to help direct you to your strongest path and can help you avoid some unnecessary difficulties that may be coming your way. There are also four different suits in a deck that can help direct the reading into information about Love, Money, Happiness, Career. Overall a tarot reading is considered very insightful.

Psychic Reading: $45

The psychic reading is one of the strongest readings that can be done. Since the psychic reading is done by holding an item belonging to the client, it has ability to pick up on precise details of the clients life from past, present and future. It also can tune into past life circumstances, so the psychic reading can guide the client into clarity and awareness of themselves and of the people around them.

Love Reading: $80

Answers all questions, gives specific details on relationship. Advises what direction to take in your love life. Will reveal if your lover is faithful or if your lover is the right one. Gives guidance on how to mend or restore your broken relationship.


Psychic Services